Welcome to BXL ZOUTE


Open daily from 11.30am - 11pm


Soup of the day  $9

French onion soup $11

Caesar Salad  $11

Mixed green Salad $11

Belgian endive salad with blue cheese, apple and walnuts  $15

Forgotten beet salad with prosciutto, arugula, walnuts and goat cheese $16

Mediterranean Couscous  $12

(Add : Chicken  $6 - Shrimps  $8 - Salmon $10)

Frites  $8

Mayo/ketchup/curry ketchup/andalouse/Samourai
Bitterballen  $12
Cheese Croquettes  $10

Steak tartare  $18



Croque Monsieur  $16

Croque Madame $17

Croque Tomate $16

BXL Burger $16

Cheeseburger $18

Beyond Burger $18

Chicken curry on a baguette $16

(all sandwiches are served  with frites)


Moules Frites $27

Mariniere - Dijonaise - Provencale - Thai

Carbonade Flamande $26

(Beef stew with brown beer)

Bouchee A la Reine $25

(Creamy chicken stew)

Steak Frites with peppercorn sauce $26

Steak tartare  $18/$25
(raw beef tartare served with crostini in app and fries with entree)

Salmon Roti with mixed veggies and mash $28

Veal and beef meatballs with tomato sauce and frites $24
Also available in Beyond meat - $24

Chicons au gratin  $24

(baked endive wrapped in ham, bechamel sauce, gratinated Swiss cheese and mashed potatoes)

Stoemp Saucisse  $23

(sausage served with creamy carrot mashed potatoes and mustard sauce)

Pasta Checca with heirloom tomatoes $19

Pasta Bolognese $19


BXL Waffle  $10
Liege Waffle  $10

Belgian chocolate mousse  $9

Tiramisu with speculoos $9
Ice Cream  $8





Bitterballen, delicious veal croquettes to accompany your Belgian Frites...$9

Cheese croquettes
Cheese croquettes

Cheese croquettes - with a little help from our Dutch friends; a vegetarian alternative to the veal croquettes. $8

Double Dip
Double Dip

Double Dip, our Belgian waffle with our even more delicious Belgian chocolate...$9

Draft Beers

Stella Artois  $8/$10/$12

Cuvee BXL  $8/$10

Chimay cinq cents  $12
Chimay Rouge  $13

Duvel  $10/20
Houblon Chouffe $10

Mc Chouffe  $10

Rodenbach  $11

Delirium Tremens  $11

Hoegaarden  $9

Guldendraak  $12

Saison Dupont  $10

Bottled Trappist beers  $15

Chimay Blue/Rouge  

Westmalle double/tripel

Rochefort 6/8/10


Ask your server for our more eclectic beer selection and high end wines by the bottle.




Homemade bottled Negroni

Made with Barr Hill raw honey gin from Vermont 


Would you like anything else? Let us know. If we have it, we`ll make it for you!


White wines

Sancerre $16

Domaine Sautereau, 2019

Pinto Grigio $11
Terre del Trebbia, 2019

Chardonnay $11
Les Vignes d`amelie, 2018

Muscadet $12
Domaine de la Pinardiere, 2018

Sauvignon Blanc $11

Domaine de Mouchan, 2018

Rose wine

Touraine Rose $12

Domaine de Pierre, 2019

Red wines

 Pinot Noir $12
Domaine Raissac 2019

Julienas $15
Chateau de Bois de la Salle 2019

 Bordeaux $14
Chateau August 2016

Cote du Rhone $15
Domaine de Fontvive 2019

Malbec $12

Baron La Rose 2019