Belgian street food - Curbside


Like every country, Belgium has it’s own street food. For us in Belgium these are frites and waffle carts. It is a tradition, when you are on a stroll or doing some shopping, to stop at a waffle cart or a ‘frietkot’ for a little snack. 

With BXL We wanted to bring this vibe to you….Curbside. Starting memorial day we will open our ‘frietkot’ with frites, croquettes, waffles beers and more. 


Come grab a little taste of Belgium.



Friday to Sunday from 11am until 6pm

Memorial day from 11am to 6pm

Our Frietkot

Frites  $7
Sauces  $1
Bitterballen  $9
Cheese Croquettes  $8
Friekandel Speciaal  $7
Caesar Salad  $8
(Add : Chicken  $5 - Shrimps  $8)
Avocado Salad  $10
Mediterranean Couscous  $10
Gaspacho  $8
Shrimp Cocktail  $12
Croque Monsieur  $10
Marinated Steak Satay  $12
BXL Sliders  $12 
BXL Waffle  $9
Liege Waffle  $9
Chocolate Brownie  $4

Bitterballen, delicious veal croquettes to accompany your Belgian Frites...$9
Cheese croquettes
Cheese croquettes - with a little help from our Dutch friends; a vegetarian alternative to the veal croquettes. $8
Double Dip
Double Dip, our Belgian waffle with our even more delicious Belgian chocolate...$9
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Soft drinks

Water - $2

Soda - $3

Coffee - $2.5

Iced coffee $3

Espresso $3

Cappuccino $4

Latte $4

Tea $2.5

Beer in a can 11.2oz - $7  16oz $9

 Delirium tremens 

 Delirium rouge 

 Duvel single

 St bernardus Wit 

 Surround sound IPA 

 Tank 7 

 Solera sour

 Ommegang project cider

Draft and cocktails

Drafts - 11oz  - $7

Stella Artois

Chimay Leffe Blond

Houblon Chouffe

Cuvee BXL

The 2 minute beer (7oz) $5


Cocktails for 2      $14


 Old Fashioned

 Build your own - $20