Belgian street food - Curbside


Like every country, Belgium has it’s own street food. For us in Belgium these are frites and waffle carts. It is a tradition, when you are on a stroll or doing some shopping, to stop at a waffle cart or a ‘frietkot’ for a little snack. 

With BXL We wanted to bring this vibe to you….Curbside. Starting memorial day we will open our ‘frietkot’ with frites, croquettes, waffles beers and more. 


Come grab a little taste of Belgium.



Open everyday starting 12pm until 11pm.

Our Frietkot

Frites  $7
Sauces  $1

Mayo/ketchup/curry ketchup/andalouse/tartar/Samourai
Bitterballen  $12
Cheese Croquettes  $10
Friekandel Speciaal  $8
Caesar Salad  $10
(Add : Chicken  $6 - Shrimps  $8 - Salmon $9)
Avocado Salad  $13
Mediterranean Couscous  $10
Gaspacho  $8
Shrimp Cocktail  $12
Croque Monsieur  $10
Marinated Steak Satay  $12
BXL Sliders  $12 


Moules Frites $26

Mariniere - Dijonaise - Provencale - Thai


BXL Burger $16

Cheeseburger $18

Beyond Burger $18

(all burgers come with frites)


Carbonade Flamande $26

(Beef stew with brown beer)

Bouchee A la Reine $25

(Creamy chicken stew)

Steak Frites $25

Salmon Roti $28

BXL Waffle  $9
Liege Waffle  $9
Ice Cream  $8

Bitterballen, delicious veal croquettes to accompany your Belgian Frites...$9
Cheese croquettes
Cheese croquettes - with a little help from our Dutch friends; a vegetarian alternative to the veal croquettes. $8
Double Dip
Double Dip, our Belgian waffle with our even more delicious Belgian chocolate...$9
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Draft Beers

Stella Artois

Leffe Blonde

Cuvee BXL

La Chouffe

Houblon Chouffe

Delirium Tremens

Tripel Karmeliet


Beer in a can 11.2oz - $8  16oz $10


Try our signature cocktail:


Homemade bottled Negroni

Made with Barr Hill raw honey gin


Ask us about our frozen cocktail flavor of the day!

Would you like anything else? Let us know. If we have it, well make it for you!

 Delirium tremens 

 Delirium rouge 

 Duvel single

 St bernardus Wit 

 Surround sound IPA 

 Tank 7 

 Solera sour

 Ommegang project cider


White wines

Sancerre $15

Pinto Grigio $11

Chardonnay $11

Muscadet $12

Sauvignon Blanc $10


Rose wine

Casa Rossa $11

Red wines

 Sancerre $15

 Bordeaux $12

 Malbec $11

Pinot noir $11